Activist files FIR for non-implementation of JJM mission

Shillong, Jan 4: Advocate Nazmul Hashan, President, Garo  Hills Youth Organisation has filed an FIR as no action was taken by the authorities on the alleged embezzlement of JJM (Jal Jeevan Mission) fund as per the data, report and record of the JJM Portal.

The FIR was filed with the Office of the Superintendent of Police, West Garo Hills on January  2 seeking an inquiry regarding the augmentation of Nekikona Combined WSS & Construction of Babilgre WSS) work implementation in the villages.


In the village like Askikandi, there was neither installation of any water tap nor pipe whereby the JJM fund has been misused by the contractors or authorities or department concerned.

“Hence a massive embezzlement of JJM funds in the name of water connection work in the village of Askikandi and other villages under the above two projects in the District of West Garo Hills, Tura, Meghalaya has taken place and hence shoddy implementation of JJM in Garo Hills”, he said.

JJM has was launched by the Prime Minister (MP) of India on August 15 to provide Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC) by 2024 to every rural household.

“Whereas, as per the report and record and data in the JJM portal, wherein some amount in the name of JJM water supply provided to the household of village Askikandi and other villages are withdrawn but in reality not a single tap and water pipe was installed or connected in the village of Askikandi and other villages under the said two projects (Augmentation of Nekikona combined WSS & Construction of Babilgre WSS).The Government/ Administration/ Department concerned/ authorities should immediately initiate a thorough investigation/ inquiry into this alleged scam to identify the real culprits. Those responsible should be punished as per the appropriate law”, the advocate said.

He pointed out that some water tanks in the schools are installed but no water supply or connection is provided.

“Whereas, it is clearly mentioned in the JJM portal that availability of drinking water through tap connection is “yes” and running water in toilets/urinals “yes”.As on above, it is requested to the authorities to initiate necessary inquiry/ investigation and punish the culprits as per appropriate law and if delayed the matter may take a turn to the competent Court”, he said.

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