Adolf Hitler joins TMC

Bhupendra Momin, David Marak welcomed to party fold

Shillong, Aug 25: Three-time MLA and former minister Adolf Lu Hitler Marak joined Meghalaya TMC on Thursday.

TMC Meghalaya welcomed Marak,  state Vice President of BJP David Ch Marak, and former Joint Director, Department of Education, Bhupendra G Momin into the party fold.


TMC state Vice President Zenith Sangma, Chokpot MLA Lazarus Sangma & Richard M Marak West Garo Hills Convenor inducted the new members at Tura.

Inducting the new members into the party fold, Zenith said, “Today, we are happy to witness that a senior leader has decided to join Meghalaya TMC. Adolf Lu Hitler Marak had the privilege to serve the people of Meghalaya in different capacities as the Forest and Environment Minister and for three terms as a Member of the Legislative Assembly. We also have with us Mr. David Ch Marak and Mr. Bhupendra G. Momin, who had also served the people of Meghalaya with full integrity. We welcome them with open arms to work for the betterment of the state.”

Addressing the people over the need for good governance in the state, Adolf Lu Marak said, “Nothing is as important as our land, and our lands are being taken away. That is why we should seek a leader who will work for the truth, justice, and for the welfare of the people. We should support such leaders. As for me, I believe in such leadership so let’s all be together and support those who can bring back our land which has been taken away from us.”

Criticising  the Conrad-led MDA government on the Assam-Meghalaya border dispute, Adolf Marak added, “Before signing the MoU, you have to know who this land belongs to. According to the Sixth Schedule. Does it really belong to the government or does it belong to the people of Meghalaya? As far as I know, this land belongs to the people of Meghalaya. The government does not have the right to make a decision for even a piece of land”, Adolf  Marak said.

He said the people of Meghalaya are fed up with the MDA government and are looking for an alternative government in the up coming assembly elections.

Former BJP state Vice-President, David Ch Marak on joining the party fold said, “I have joined because our state, currently, does not have quality leadership to bring in socio-economic development. So, as part of the Trinamool Congress, I want to contribute to developing Garo Hills. In comparison to other states, Meghalaya is developing at an extremely slow pace and in a disproportionate manner.” Further, he also pointed out the price rise in Garo Hills.

He said, “In Garo Hills, the price of everyday commodity is sky-rocketing. So, we must stand united in fighting against the government that is working against the welfare of the people.”

Adolf urged the people to embody the spirit of democracy. He said, “We may think that elections happen every term, but don’t vote just because they are your relatives, friends, or because it’s an old party. Instead, one must vote based on what issues you have pending. If someone gives you Rs.5000 for how long will you keep using that?

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