Ardent sees VPP as alternative against corruption, money power

Shillong, Feb 4: Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit, who is contesting from Nongkrem, said on Saturday the state cannot expect good governance when most of the political parties are using money power to get elected.

Basaiawmoit, who filed the nomination papers on Saturday, said the Voice of the People Party (VPP) is the only alternative that can ensure good governance because the party was formed to fight against corruption. He was confident that the party will win all the 18 seats that it is contesting for.


According to him, people’s response to bringing about a political change through clean politics has been spontaneous.

“When we say clean politics, it means you declare war against corruption and if the people voted us to power, we will definitely clean the entire system. We will not only assure good governance to the people but we will also ensure that those who have looted and plundered the state should be brought to justice,” he said.

To a query, the VPP founder and chief said the reason that led to the formation of the party was the failure of all the political parties, especially the regional parties. “They (regional parties) don’t have the backbone to stand on their own principles. Their interest is to win elections and be in the government and be in power,” he added.

On the claim of the NPP leader and cabinet minister Dasakhiatbha Lamare that he is confident that the people of Nongkrem will vote for him as he had performed well in Mawhati constituency, Basaiawmoit, who was accompanied by his wife and son on Saturday, said, “I don’t need to say anything on that because the candidate who is also a relative of the sitting MLA of Mawhati has already told everything before the media and before the people about the situation and condition of the Mawhati constituency.”

Refusing to comment on the performance of the sitting legislator Lambor Malngiang, the VPP leader said the election results on March 2 will show.

Basaiawmoit said that the reason that led to his defeat in 2018 was that he was “too strong as a contender”.

“This made my opponents join hands to get me defeated… they look at me and think that I am strong enough even without their support I will still manage to win. So, my very own supporters decided not to cast their votes because of that fear,” he added.

When asked, Basaiawmoit said there is no truth in the allegation that he does not need non-tribal votes.

“It was not true. In fact, it was distorted. I used to say that I am a leader who is always concerned about the interest of the indigenous people of the state but at the same time without depriving the constitutional rights of the other citizens living in the state. But in politics, when you say one thing, they will try to distort the statement,” he said.

“It is not a fact that I said that I don’t need the votes of the non-tribals, I only said I am a person who is more concerned about the interest of the indigenous people… there’s not a single thought in my mind that I am going to deprive these people just because they are not indigenous people. I feel that indigenous people need a leader who will take more care for them because they have been left high and dry all these years,” he added.

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