Assam poet promotes eco-friendly construction

Shillong, July 28: When cities and towns are turning into concrete jungles, Arup Saikia, an Assam-based poet and artist, is setting an example by promoting eco-friendly construction materials for building a modern house.

In a media statement, Saikia, who hails from Jamugurihat in Sonitpur district, said the house “imitates medieval European architecture that combines with the traditional Assamese style using bamboo and wood”.


The three-storeyed building will be an inspiration to the new generation to adopt eco-friendly means of construction, he added.

The building is named Hemapadma Aloy in the memory of Saikia’s parents.

“Our state has abundance of bamboo and wood. We should better utilise these local resources to highlight our rich architectural culture to aliens rather than conventional concrete of bricks and stone. The stairway to the first floor is made of bamboo and to the second is a vertically sawn trunk of tree,” Saikia described.

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