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Case of three charred bodies: Suspicion on rivalry among car lifters & groups of cattle thieves

Shillong, Apr 17: Recovery of three charred bodies in East Garo Hills led the police to suspect a case of criminal rivalry among car lifters and groups of cattle thieves leading to the incident.

The vehicle recovered by the police



In a statement issued on Wednesday, the SP, East Garo Hills SA Rynjah said that on Aprilย  16, the police received verbal information from the relatives of one of the deceased Jamor Ali (35), S/o Azar Ali that he along with his driver Noor Ahmed and Zahidul Islam (25) left home on April 15 late evening for Meghalaya as they were hired by some unknown persons for some important work in Meghalaya.

“On 16/04/2024 about 6:30 am, the family members received a call from (L) Jomor Ali that they were having breakfast in a jungle area somewhere in Garo Hills. However, there after the mobile phones were found switched off and the family members were not able to contact them”, the police said.

The vehicle recovered by the police

The missing vehicle was located inside a dense jungle near the village link road connecting Rogu Alda village under Rongjeng PS, East Garo Hills District, around 1.5 km from NH-217 connecting Dudhnoi Damra Rongjeng Baghmara.

The place of occurenceย  was visited by the police and found the missing vehicle in burnt condition inside the forest.

“On searching the surroundings, one freshly dug pit which was filled with fresh soil was found near the vehicle. The Forensic Team (FSL) and Crime Scene Unit (CSU) of the State Police were also present at the site for necessary investigation procedures”, police said.

In the presence of an Executive Magistrate at the site, the loose soil was removed from the pit and three charred bodies were recovered. “Inquest and spot Post-Mortem was conducted over the bodies which were later handed over to their relatives after completion of all the formalities”, said the statement.

According to the police , Zahidul Islam is reported to be involved in car lifting cases in Dudhnoi and Krishnai and one Non Bailable Warranty of Arrest (NBWA) is pending against him under Krishnai PS. Also, (L) Jamor Ali is reported to be involved in cattle theft cases under Matia PS, Assam.

‘Prima facie, it appears to be a case of criminal rivalry among car lifters and cattle thief groups. In this connection, a case vide Rongjeng PS Case No. 8(4)2024 u/s 302/201/435/34 IPC has been registered for further investigation”, the police said.

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