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Covid situation alarming in Kohima, Dimapur

Total lockdown in Nagaland from May 14

Kohima, May 13 (UNI): The positive cases of Covid-19 infections in populated towns of Dimapur and Kohima is very alarming in comparison to other districts of Nagaland, as per the latest inputs.

According to a statement of the Nagaland Health and Welfare Department, with Covid cases continuing to surge in Dimapur and in preparation for any further aggravation of the situation, the department has made a proposal to the Government to declare the Christian Institute of Health Sciences and Research (CIHSR) as the next Covid-19 hospital.


It said the Health and Family Welfare Directorate decided to assist private hospitals, including CIHSR, with more oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators to meet the demand in Kohima and Dimapur as a goodwill gesture because the best solution available for management of Covid patients was oxygen at the moment.

Though the District Hospital of Dimapur has been declared as Covid hospital due to the rapid rise in cases, if the government could convert CIHSR also to Covid hospital, then it would further ease the burden, it added.

Considering the overall scenario, the department had proposed total lockdown, following which the High Powered Committee (HPC) on Covid-19 decided during its meeting recently to impose total lockdown in the state from May 14 for seven days. It revealed that Peace Zone Committee (PZC) decided to recall one doctor and lab technician each, besides two nurses, from each district to fill up the gaps in manpower to manage the crisis in Kohima and Dimapur.

Meanwhile, a section of people of Kohima and Dimapur rushed for panic buying as the state government has announced a complete Lockdown for a week throughout the state from tomorrow.

Markets are seen panic buying of many items especially rice and pulses, edible oils, preservative vegetables like potato and onion, other preserve able green vegetables, prepared fast foods like noodles including cereals, dry fishes were immediately sold. Panic buying has also increased of prices of many items; it also leads to artificial scarcity and extra profiteering. There were reports of some shops selling out their entire stock, especially fresh vegetables, meat and other essential commodities.

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