Ernest not shown earnestness to take action on scams: AICC

Cong targets state BJP prez for protecting MDA after crying foul

Shillong, Jan 19: The AICC media coordinators have criticised the BJP president Ernest Mawrie for crying foul on corruption of the MDA and not doing anything about it.

“We wonder why Ernest is not showing earnestness in following up on the corruption of the MDA government’, one of the media coordinators, Bobbeeta Sharma said while addressing  a press conference at Congress Bhawan on Thursday.


Sharma said that Meghalaya urgently needs to be free from corruption and scams that is clogging the system of governance.

“There is so much of corruption that even the state BJP president Ernest Mawrie was compelled to comment in media recently about the corruption of their own ally partner the NPP. The BJP issued a statement where they slammed the NPP for denying people of development projects due to corruption, lack of policies, intent, and incompetence”, she said.

According to Sharma, in reality,  the BJP  protects all corrupt people and they are also protecting the MDA leadership despite having full knowledge about the corruption going on in the state.

“So they are hand in glove in depriving the people of their rights and good governance”, she said.

Besides this, the BJP is spreading poison by trying to divide the people of India in general and Meghalaya in particular on communal lines, she added.

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