Govt facilitates sand mining, amends mineral rules

Shillong, June 27: The cabinet has decided to amend the Meghalaya Minor Mineral Concession Rules 2016 to facilitate sand mining.

“Earlier, the permissions for sand mining were not given by the Depts. & through this, the process of legally giving mining leases to individuals to mine in the river beds will be granted”,  Chief Minister Conrad Sangma told reporters on Monday.


He said earlier since there was no clarity and because of certain provisions, the permission for sand mining was not given by the different departments of the government.

“Now after this decision has been made, there is clarity and the process of giving necessary mining licenses or leases to whomever wishes to mine in riverbeds will be granted based on this particular amendment,” the chief minister added.

Nod to depositors’ protection rule 

The cabinet has also approved the Meghalaya Protection of Invest Depositors Financial Establishment Rules.

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