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Henry files defamation case against Mukul

Shillong, Sep 22: Henry Lalremsanga, who is in the news after TMC legislator Mukul Sangma alleged him to be a drug kingpin in Assembly quoting a media report, has filed a defamation case against the latter.


K Kharmawphlang, the legal counsel of Henry, who is the Chairman of 2B’s Group of Companies, asked Mukul to tender an unconditional apology within 7 days for incorrectly labelling Lalremsanga as a ‘drug kingpin’.

The  legal notice, in response to the statements made by Mukul on September 19 and 20, demanded him to tender an unconditional apology and a retraction of the false and malicious statements within 7 days of the receipt of the notice.

The counsel wanted an immediate halt to making or publishing any more false and defamatory remarks against Lalremsanga and a payment of Rs 20 crore within 7 days of the receipt of the notice as compensation for injury to Lalremsanga’s reputation.

“Failure to comply with the stated demands within the stipulated time will compel Mr. Lalremsanga to pursue both criminal and civil legal actions, holding the perpetrators accountable for their defamatory statements,” the notice said.

“This legal notice serves as a final opportunity for reparation for the damage caused to Mr. Lalremsanga’s reputation. It is highlighted that a person in public life is expected to exercise a degree of restraint while making public speeches, as underscored by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.”

The notice said Henry Lalremsanga, through this, endeavours to seek rightful justice against the falsehoods disseminated about him, and earnestly hopes for swift rectification and due closure to this distressing ordeal.

The legal notice is also to address the unfounded accusations and character attacks made against Lalremsanga during the State Assembly session and subsequent media talks.

“These damaging allegations have been widely circulated, causing considerable harm to Lalremsanga’s personal and professional reputation.

“Lalremsanga was wrongfully arrested in 2013 in relation to a seizure of medical supplies, despite holding a valid license for such supplies. He was discharged by the Special Court, ND & PS Act, Patiala House Court, New Delhi in 2018, citing a lack of evidence of any offence committed,” it said.

“The recent defamatory statements, void of factual basis, have caused significant distress to Lalremsanga, his family, and the businesses he oversees. These statements have also indirectly tarnished the image of the Mizo community,” it said.

The counsel contended that the ill-conceived remarks are not only detrimental but are made with deliberate intentions to gain political mileage, thereby knowingly causing harm to his reputation. It was further stressed that these baseless allegations have resulted in irreversible damages, impacting longstanding business relationships and causing extreme mental and emotional distress to Lalremsanga and his family.

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