HNLC asks Sohra MLA to resign over MCCL issue

Shillong, Dec 29: The HNLC has opposed the move of the state government to shut down Meghalaya Cherra Cements Limited (MCCL) and asked local MLA Gavin Mylliem to resign from the post.

In a statement issued on Friday, Saiñkupar Nongtraw, general secretary cum publicity secretary of HNLC termed the threat by the Meghalaya government to permanently shut down MCC Ltd as a political move.


According to HNLC, if the government proceeds with the shutdown of MCC Ltd, it would be appropriate for Sohra MLA to assume responsibility.

“In fact, he should resign from his position as MLA. If he refuses to step down, the HNLC will hold him accountable. Just as you and your government dare to bury MCCL Ltd alive, we will hold you accountable by our own actions. Traitors of the people should be punished with death”, the HNLC said.

Outfit offers job to MCCL staff 

“Currently, we do not see any other feasible alternatives. Therefore, the HNLC would like to extend an offer to the employees of this factory: if they are willing to join our cause, we will provide them with a monthly salary of Rs. 25,000. Eligible individuals should be below 45 years of age and undergo basic military training. If they demonstrate commitment to our cause and ideology, we will consider offering them an attractive salary.

The HNLC also asked the government to stop ‘sweet-talking and dilly-dallying, and refrain from sugarcoating the truth.

Nongtraw said the organisation condemns the ill motive of the government, as it aims to leave the people of Sohra unemployed and subject them to the agenda of vested interests.

“Rather than prioritizing the improvement of MCCLtd, the government’s intention is to shut it down and instead promote the development of cement factories owned by non-tribals from other states. Unfortunately, this course of action significantly undermines the sentiments of the tribal community”, the HNLC said.

“This raises serious doubts about the government’s ability to effectively manage the entire state if they cannot even handle the longstanding factory. It is evident that Meghalaya has already been ranked as the second poorest state in India, with the second-lowest per capita income in the country. Soon, there will be an intense competition for land and jobs in Meghalaya between indigenous and non-indigenous populations.The youth will become frustrated and desperate, resulting in a revolt against the government by any means necessary. This revolt will not stem from people losing their desire for freedom, but rather from the harsh reality that they have no food to eat”, the HNLC said.

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