IIIT-G organises Rongali Bihu festival on campus

Guwahati: The Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati (IIIT-G) celebrated the third edition of Bohagi, its annual Rongali Bihu festival on April 8 on the campus at Bongora.

Bohagi 2023 helped to enrich the knowledge about the folk culture and also of trends and traditions of Assam, with a special focus on North Eastern Art and Culture. The celebration had the resonance of Dhul, Pepa, Gogona, and Bahi that inspired the young minds to imbibe the values embedded in regional culture and traditions.


Students from NEM Care Groups Mirza, GIMT and Cotton College University, among others.

The festival hosted Jeng Bihu Competition and Modern Assamese Solo Dance Competition. A team of students from Cotton College performed the Folk Orchestra. Kamrupa Flair- a showcase of traditional attires of different ethnic communities of Assam with fashion and tradition was done by the institute students. Pitha Palate event salted with the swad of Pitha and other traditional delicacies of Bihu and Bihu Husori assimilated the flavour of tradition and spirituality.

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