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Join Gobo in his adventures


Nayaab Suhel, the young author who enchanted readers with her imagination in her debut book Flamingo in Vamprickle Land, is back with her bag of stories about Gobo.
Gobo who? He is a naughty little goblin that goes on wild adventures to different fantasy lands. He uses his magic toadstool to fly to these places. He has already been to Candy Land, Honey Land and Book Land and is wondering where to stop by next.
All his adventures have been keenly observed and documented by Nayaab in her new book, Gobo and The Enchanted Toadstool.
A special feature of this book is in the last story, Gobo in the Land of Fairy Tales. Here the author has given a twist to the conventional fairy tales written by the Grimm Brothers.
The 14-year-old author is a regular contributor to local newspapers and some of Gobo’s adventures were published as short stories in the past. Typical of Nayaab, she has coined new interesting words which one can find only in her dictionary. Also, she has imagined unique foods which are available only in these fantasy lands.
Nayaab has also won international accolades and an All India Essay Competition organised by Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research, Government of India. She ranked first in the North East region and fourth nationally.

‘Lonely’ thoughts

To anyone convinced that a monologue is a conversation with the past.

Insight of Loneliness by Mridul Mazumdar is a refreshing collection of stories, articles on a gamut of topics and an emphatic poetry section. The heart-touching expressions in the book were written at different phases of life and there is a change of thoughts reflected with the time of writing. This change of thoughts plays a vital role for everyone to take the right decision in the later part of life.
The author has taken up the enigmatic theme of loneliness and courageously demystified its various dimensions.
Loneliness is viewed with a positive eye though it may not be the choice of anyone. The self-stories included in the book are a depiction of enduring self-recognition. The views expressed in the articles are not the judgement or opinion but only sharing of thoughts as observed.
The book is an attempt to record the truth as perceived by the author with the hope of getting similarities with others by sharing. Reading this will open up newer ways of visualising and imaging our world.

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