Joining UDP to have a single regional force: Renikton

'I was elected MLA of both UDP & HSPDP'

Shillong, Nov 17: HSPDP minister Renikton Lyngdoh Tongkhar has said his intention to join the United Democratic Party (UDP) was to ensure there is only one strong regional force in the state.

“My intention is to strengthen the regional force in the state. I want to see that Meghalaya has only one strong regional force,” Renikton told reporters on Friday.


The first time legislator denied that he was poached by the UDP and said, “To be an MLA, we should be mature enough to take that decision for the betterment of the people in the constituency as well as in the state so as to be able to serve better. It is not required for us to be poached by somebody or to fall for anybody’s trap.”

On a varied opinion that he would perform well in 2023 by sticking with the HSPDP, Renikton admitted that his decision to join another political party has evoked a mixed reaction among the people and said, “Some people are saying that if you stick with the HSPDP you get newcomers and new supporters but I am telling you it is okay because anything that I do is with the consultation and advice of my people…”

The HSPDP had already announced its decision to field Medalson Lyngdoh Tongkhar as its official candidate from Mawkyrwat for the upcoming 2023 polls after Renikton decided to join the UDP

On the HSPDP candidate, Renikton said he understands that the party which is having an MLA to not field a candidate will send a wrong signal to the people.

“Therefore, it is okay, I don’t feel anything. I have nothing against the HSPDP fielding a candidate. Let us see I have no problem, I am contesting the election and I leave it to the wisdom of the people of Mawkyrwat to decide whom to vote for,” he said.

To a question  as to when he will quit the HSPDP to join the UDP, the cabinet minister said that he is waiting for the right time to come and he is already prepared to face the election.

“If election can come early also I am very happy”.

He said there is hardly any difference between the UDP and HSPDP as both are regional parties.

“In my case both the parties have supported me in the last 2018 elections and I don’t feel any difference because both parties have voted for me in 2018 and I keep claiming also that I am the MLA of two parties so I don’t feel any difference contesting from HSPDP or UDP – both are regional parties and we understand each other so hardly there is any difference,” he added.

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