Katakey seeks audits of coke oven & ferroalloys plants to know source of coal

Shillong, Jan 20: The high court appointed committee headed by Justice (retd) BP Katakey has directed carrying out audits of coke oven and ferroalloys plants in the state to know the source of coal used by them.

Katakey held a meeting on Friday with the officials of the mining and geology department and others.


“As far as coke oven plants and ferroalloys plants are concerned, I have directed the government to make an audit into the requirement of coal in these plants, the audit team has to examine the raw materials and the sale of finished products. The report should be submitted by January 28”, he said.

Katakey also directed that the coke oven plants, which do not have the Consent to Establish ( CTE) and the Consent to Operate ( CTO) and those who do not follow the norms set by the government, should close down.

Coal auction & transportation 

Katakey, who is overseeing the transportation as well as auction of 3 lakh metric tonnes of inventoried coal, said the process will start soon.

He pointed out that around 15,000 metric tonnes of coal are available in two depots which were not lifted by the purchasers after auction. “The purchasers had not deposited the coal value, hence I directed that in terms of the SOP of the government, whatever security deposit made by them should be forfeited. The coal should be re-auctioned along with the 3 lakh metric tonnes of coal”, he said.

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