KHADC chairman wants removal of gate at 58 GTC   

Shillong, Aug 5: Chairman of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) Pyniaid Sing Syiem has sought the removal of gate erected by 58 GTC restricting the movement of residents of Mawshbuit village.

Syiem submitted a letter to the Union Minister of State for Defence, Ajay Bhatt for shifting or dismantling the gate.


He suggested that a wall can  be constructed on entire side of the  road as done by the 101 area and the Airforce, so that the public can move and commute freely without any hindrance or in convenience.

He said the residents of Mawshbuit are facing lots of problems owing to the harassment meted out by the 58 GTC.

Mawshbuit also falls under Sohryngkham constituency, which is represented by Syiem.

A PWD road connects the main city of Shillong with Mawshbuit (8 km) which runs through the 58 GTC campus.

The road constructed by the PWD had been in use by the public with no restrictions from the 58 GTC, but in 1983-84, the army constructed a gate called Dronacharya on the road without getting any permission or no objection certificate from the state PWD.

“The checking done by the personnel has angered the public owing to their high handedness. They have gone to the extent of using abusive language even in the presence of women and elders,” Syiem said.

Though a joint inspection was conducted with the state government officials and the 58 GTC representatives, no lasting and concrete solutions could be arrived at.

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