Mankin Chra body formed in GH

Shillong, Sept 24: The  All Mankin Chra Association was formed on Saturday with its head quarters at Tura.

Pollison M Sangma, the general secretary of Mankin clan, said the motive behind forming the body is to work effectively for the welfare of the Mankin clan. It would be utilised as the platform for learning the customs and grooming the youth for the future of clan.  Chra is an important male relative of a clan . It consists of a woman’s maternal uncles, elder and younger brothers in Garo society.


“It is the duty of the Chra(s) to settle the disputes and controversies that arise within the clan as per the customary usages of the Garos. It is the responsibility of the Chra (s) to initiate and perform the activities of the clan such as engagement for wedding, presiding over the meetings of clan and others”, Sangma said.

Office bearers 

The representatives of Mankin Chra from different parts of Garo Hills have unanimously elected the following office bearers to lead the association.

They are Rakkan M Sangma – President, Inplanson M Sangma – Vice President , Pollison M Sangma – General Secretary, Wycebirth M Sang – Asst. General Secretary, Biren M Sangma , Dimsrang M Sangma , Silkan M Sangma – organising secretaries

Executive Members – Hiubel M Sangma, Teningbirth M Sangma, Simon M Sangma, Limberth M Sangma, Jesse M Sangma, Bartho M Sangma, Welbirth M Sangma, Ganang M Sangma, Hitler M Sangma, and Anish M Sangma.

Besides, Proley M Sangma, Climber M Sangma and Stemson M Sangma were elected as advisors to the association.

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