Minister assures to release pending salary of GHADC staff

Shillong, March 10: Cabinet minister Sniawbhalang Dhar informed the Assembly on Thursday that the pending payment of the GHADC employees is being processed by the finance deparment and will be released at the earliest.
In reply to a question by AITC member Zenith Sangma on GHADC employees working without salary for the past three years, Dhar said advance payment of Rs 55 crore was made to GHADC from the revenue collected from coal.
Dhar said over Rs 754.06 crore was collected as revenue from coal and other major minerals during the last three years.
Regarding revenue share, Dhar said for coal, 75% is for state government and 25% for ADCs while for other major minerals it is 40% for state government and 60% for ADCs.
He said the total amount entitled by the three ADCs as revenue share during 2019-2020, 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 is Rs 174.63 crore.
“The state government has released Rs 209.39 crore to the 3 ADCs. The pending amount to be paid is Rs 21.01 crore,”, Dhar said.
He added that Rs 2 crore is pending for KHADC and Rs 18.18 crore for JHADC.

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