Mukul asks CM, PWD (buildings) minister to follow conscience and quit

Shillong, May 24: Opposition Leader Mukul Sangma said the Chief Minister Conrad  Sangma and the PWD Minister in-charge buildings  Dasakhiat Lamare should follow their conscience and take moral responsibility by quitting the posts.

Earlier, Chief Minister Conrad  Sangma  said it is up to the MLAs of the MDA partners to take a call on whether he should step down as chief minister.


When asked if the opposition will seek resignation of the ministers concerned, the former chief minister said, “It is up to their conscience how they want to respond to this. This question should be put to them.”

“If you are talking about that particular unfortunate incident of 2005, why did the ithen deputy chief minister decided to resign it is because in democracy, we need to respect the sentiment of the people, we must understand that we are not there only to impose but when the overall sentiments are expressive of something which could have been awarded you join with them and share the sentiments and respect their sentiments, that is what is required and so I leave it to the conscience of the people concerned and you can put this question to them.”

“And in regards to me stepping down I think the MLAs of the coalition partners have to decide. It is not my decision to say whether I will step down or not. It is the MLAs of the different coalition partners that will decide”.

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