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Nabby’s new life in Shillong

It is not always easy for a child to cope with his or her parents’ transferrable jobs and resettling in a new environment every time the adults of the house decide to shift to a new place. But for some, it becomes an adventure for life.

Nayaab Suhel, the teenaged author, has penned her third book, this time on her ‘adventures’ in Shillong. In The Abode of Clouds is Suhel’s story.


Nabby, the child in the story, is upset about her father’s transfer from Guwahati to Shillong. She does not have an inclination about the beauty of Shillong or Meghalaya and she is too young to know about the history of the place. All she is worried about is leaving her best friend and not liking the new place.

Nabby’s parents assure her that she will have a wonderful time in Shillong and the innocent child sets out for the unknown destination with expectations. The next thing she knows is that she is mesmerised by Shillong.

Suhel’s strong observation of her surrounding makes the book an interesting read for children, especially those who have experienced relocations. The book is also Suhel’s first deviation from fantasy tales.

As always, Suhel writes lucidly and with utmost honesty. Her story, told in 19 chapters, is about her bond with Shillong and how she finds love and friendship in the hill city.

Book: In The Abode of Clouds; Publisher: Clever Fox; Pages: 128; Price: Rs 199

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