National pharmacovigilance week in NEIGRIHMS

Shillong, Sept 27:  The National Pharmacovigilance Week 2021 was launched at NEIGRIHMS by Director of NEIGRIHMS,  Dr Nalin Mehta on September 17 in the presence of Dean NEIGRIHMS, Medical Superintendent and other  officials of NEIGRIHMS. The programme was organised by the department of pharmacology, NEIGRIHMS, which is the only Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre (AMC) in Meghalaya under the pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI).

The programme was held at the NEIGRIHMS hospital OPD Foyer with the theme  “Pharmacovigilance : A step towards Patient Safety”.


Dr D K Brahma, Coordinator PvPI – ADR Monitoring Centre NEIGRIHMS, chaired the programme and briefed the attendees about the role and the need of pharmacovigilance in health care system.

Director NEIGRIHMS congratulated the organisers and the department of pharmacology for organising the programme and stressed on the importance of pharmacovigilance and the reporting of ADR for the benefits of patients’ safety.

Dr. Reuben Syiem, briefed on the purpose of the Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre (AMC) at NEIGRIHMS mainly for reporting of the adverse drug reaction to ensure safety and wellness of the patients under medical treatment.

Dr. Melambha Surong, Patient Safety Pharmacovigilance Associate, ADR Monitoring Centre, NEIGRIHMS thanked the participants   and requested all the healthcare professionals of different hospitals of Meghalaya to join hands in voluntary reporting of ADR to the AMC, NEIGRIHMS.

The national pharmacovigilance week was  observed across the country and also in NEIGRIHMS from September  17  to 23  with various activities.

The programme is an initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) which is part of the programme for international drug monitoring followed by different nations across the globe which is solely meant for the purpose of creating awareness in reporting of any drug related problem by all the healthcare professionals and stakeholders.

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