NE Games: Arunachal, Assam, Manipur share gold medals in women’s weightlifting

Shillong, Nov 14: Arunachal Pradesh claimed two gold medals in Monday’s women’s weightlifting, with Balo Yalam and Posen Kongkang the winners of their respective categories. Assam and Manipur won the other gold medals on offer.

In the U-49kg, Bornali Bora from Assam won the gold medal with a snatch of 71kg and a clean and jerk of 95kg for a total of 166kg. The silver medal went to Kh Roshibina Devi from Manipur with a snatch of 63kg and a jerk of 85kg with a total of 148kg and the bronze medal went to Techi Nadam from Arunachal Pradesh with a snatch of 59kg and a jerk 82kg with a total of 141kg.
In the U-55kg, gold went to Ph Ranibala Devi from Manipur (snatch 84kg, C&J 100kg, total 184kg), silver went to Boni Mangkhya from Arunachal Pradesh (snatch 75kg, C&J 94kg, total 169kg) and bronze went to L Nilam Devi from Manipur (snatch 74kg, C&J 92kg, total 166kg).


In the U-59kg, Balo Yalam from Arunachal Pradesh won the gold (snatch 75kg, C&J 97kg, total 172kg), while Bibari Boro from Assam claimed the silver (snatch 67kg, C&J 86kg, total 153kg) and the bronze medal went to N Nirmala Chanu from Manipur (snatch 58kg, C&J 70kg, total 128kg).

In the U-64kg, the gold was won by Posen Kongkang from Arunachal Pradesh (snatch 77kg, C&J 97kg, total 174kg), while the silver medal went to Shandtrella Huyam from Manipur (snatch 70kg, C&J 92kg, total 162kg) and the bronze medal to Deepshikha Boro from Assam (snatch 69kg, C&J 88kg, total 157kg).

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