No care service for animals


I am trying to take care of and feed the stray animals with the support of my team members and associated with some organisations. Recently, around 10 pm, I received a call from someone and he introduced himself to me. He informed me that a dog was severely hit by a speeding car. This gentleman wanted help to rescue the dog. I was far away from the place of the incident. However we tried to rescue this dog, but it was in vain. The dog breathed his last soon. It was really pathetic and painful.

My point is that we, the humans, have 108 and emergency services in Shillong. But for animals? Do we have any service for them? I really don’t know whether Vet Hospitals are open in the night in Shillong!
I urge the authorities concerned to look into this very sensitive issue kindly.
Yours etc.,
Anjan Kumar Das

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