Not scared of anyone… will continue asking question to PM on Adani: Rahul

New Delhi, Mar 25 (UNI): A day after he was disqualified from Lok Sabha as a member, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday categorically said that he was not scared of anyone and will keep continuing to ask what is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relationship with billionaire businessman Gautam Adani.

He also said ‘the whole game was orchestrated to defend Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the Adani issue’.


“I am here defending the democratic voice of the Indian people. If they think that by disqualifying me, and intimidating and putting me in jail, I will stop, I won’t stop asking the question what is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relationship with Adani,” the former Congress president in his maiden press conference after disqualification from Lok Sabha as a member, referring to the Adani issue.

He added, “I am fighting for the ‘democracy’ of the country. I will continue to do that. I am not scared of anyone.’

“I have been disqualified because the PM is scared of my next speech on Adani. He is ‘terrified’ of the next speech. They don’t want that speech to come in Parliament . That is why first the distraction, now the disqualification,” the Congress leader said, attacking the PM.

He added, “It is an old relationship of Modi that began when he was the CM of Gujarat. I have asked only one question to the government. In the Parliament House with proper documentation in detailI told about the relationship of Narendra Modi ji and Adani ji. But, my speech was expunged.”

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