Opp irked by surrendering of funds by MDA 

 Shillong, Sept 23: The opposition has Congress expressed concern over surrender of funds, according to the CAG report.

“If you cannot absorb the money which has been released to you then what happens you deprive the state of that fund. If you delay by three years that means you have deprived further funds coming because the same amount which should have come the subsequent year will not come,” Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma told reporters on Thursday.


The CAG report had pointed out that the government had surrendered Rs 5242.30 crore out of Rs 6003.39 crore total savings last year, denying utilisation of savings for other developmental purposes.

The Public Accounts Committee, in a meeting held, had also pointed out the surrender of funds and summoned the government officials in this regard.

Mukul alleged that there are serious irregularities in the utilisation of funds.

“The fact that they have not been able to submit the Utilization Certificates (UCs) against those funds which they have received from different line ministries indicates that they have not utilized the funds for the purpose and that is why they could not submit the UCs and that’s why the delay and that’s why the deprivation of the state,” he added.

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