Opp slams MDA for opening incomplete projects

Shillong, Jan 8: Opposition leader Mukul Sangma has criticised the NPP-led MDA government for inaugurating incomplete projects including the Ganol hydro-electric power project in Garo Hills.
“They are having sleepless nights and hence  they wanted to inaugurate incomplete projects,” Mukul said.
The former chief minister said he was informed that the Ganol hydro-electric power project has not been completed and is not technically in a position to be commissioned but has been inaugurated.
He said the government has to look into the aspects of safety audit before commissioning an infrastructure of a hydro electricity power project as there are different statutory bodies including the central electricity authority (CEA).
“There are numbers of procedures, SOPs, but what we see is whimsical spree of inaugurations…Are they in a hurry? Yes, they are in a hurry. Therefore, doing things expeditiously is different and doing things in a hurry is a different thing,” he said.

Renaming issue 

Regarding renaming of different programmes and projects by the MDA government, Mukul said there is a system and there is a naming authority to carry out the whole naming exercise of any locality or any particular government infrastructure or even lands and roads.


He said he has no objection against any particular project to be named after people, politicians or leaders of the past.

“I have no objection, rather we have done it but when you already have a name given based on the due diligence and based on overall desires of the people then why do you change them,” he said.

On the Dikki Bandi Stadium in Tura, the former CM said the name was not given by Dr Mukul Sangma but the name was given based on the suggestion which came from the people.

On the stadium being renamed after PA Sangma, he said, “You can always have PA Sangma Stadium not just one, two, three no problem, but why you can’t have any other stadium to be named after PA Sangma. There are many stadiums. Therefore, this naming and then blatantly misusing the authority is not something which is in the line of what is expected.”

Missed National Games 

He said  Meghalaya was supposed to host the National Games in 2022 to commemorate its 50th year of statehood.

Mukul, however, said, “What happened? Did we? Could we? But the fund that was required for the infrastructure to be built to be able to hold this national games has all been available. Some of the projects have already in the process of implementation other than one stadium, which is named after PA Sangma, which was again that particular stadium which was earlier named Dikki Bandi, this was inaugurated in a hurry, it is not even completed.”

“I saw it is again barricaded. Day before yesterday when I was returning I saw a barricade so I asked as I wanted to know what happened. It is a new stadium already inaugurated. Then they say Sir the work hasn’t started and the work hasn’t completed. Work has not been completed but it has been inaugurated,”  he said.

“And tell me which infrastructure which is part and parcel of the projects which were supposed to be implemented for hosting the national games is completed. There are other stadiums which are not completed. There is an indoor stadium not completed. Indoor stadium costing Rs 30 crore in two different locations they have not even started. Why, they are already supported with tied funds, they are already having  dedicated funds, sanctions have already been accorded along with the funds. Why haven’t they started these things. Are they not important infrastructures being created for the future of the state. They are investments which are going to create infrastructure which will remain for centuries not just one or two years,” he said.

Mukul said these were the initiatives of the earlier government under his leadership.

“Now, all the funds were made available to the state – because we have been the state which was agreed upon to host the national games in 2022 – that is why the money came.Have they started the other projects even the ones they have inaugurated is not completed”, he added.

SICPAC project 

Further, Mukul also alleged that the government had also inaugurated the performing arts centre SICPAC, which is also yet to be completed.

He said the whole idea of having that infrastructure was to position Meghalaya as one of the destinations which is capable of hosting both national and international events of high order.

“Now, they have inaugurated and we wanted to utilise this but they say no it is not yet completed. Why did they inaugurate then why have they not completed it. This is also a project which has got a dedicated fund,” he asked.

Ampati stadium

On Ampati stadium, whose foundation was laid by the Prime Minister, the leader of opposition said that the MDA government did not bother to honour the prime minister since the project remains incomplete.

“This is something which is usually considered as unnatural. You try to sabotage some programmes as it is considered to be in somebody else constituency. This is not expected from a government”, he said.

Mukul said the responsibility of the government is to ensure that the various developmental initiatives reach every nook and corner while it may not happen in one go ‘but as we progress and as we embark upon continuous implementation of various programmes, it should happen.

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