Opposition to Uniform Civil Code

Shillong, July 1: Social activist Cherian Momin has opposed Uniform Civil Code (UCC).
In a statement, Momin supported the preservation of unique cultural practices and traditions of the Northeast.
Expressing reservation about the UCC, Cherian said, “Our strength as a nation lies in our diverse cultural fabric, and it is crucial to protect and respect the diverse heritage of our country”.
The specific details of the UCC bill are yet to be revealed, but it is essential to highlight the importance of safeguarding the distinct cultural heritage of the Northeast. For example, Meghalaya’s matrilineal society is an integral part of our culture and identity, and any potential changes brought about by the implementation of the UCC could undermine this heritage, he said.
“While we acknowledge the need to review the language and content of the bill before passing judgement, we firmly believe that the concept of a Uniform Civil Code contradicts the essence of India as a diverse nation that celebrates its diversity as a source of strength”, he said.
According to the social activist, as people of Northeast India, ‘we are fully committed to protecting and preserving our unique culture and societal norms. We will closely monitor the developments related to the UCC and ensure that the distinct cultural heritage of our region is not compromised’.
“We firmly believe that diversity should be respected and celebrated, rather than eroded by the imposition of a standardised code. We will staunchly defend Northeast India’s unique culture and continue our efforts to preserve it”, he said.

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