Pala says MDA failed on all fronts

Shillong, Jan 9: Shillong MP Vincent Pala on Tuesday said the National People’s Party-led MDA government failed on all fronts.

“Be it MDA-I or MDA-2, I am talking from the point of commitment, they promise work to 5 lakh people but I think not even 1 lakh has been achieved. At least if you divide that 5 lakh by 5 years so how many have been employed, zero. They promised coal in their manifesto, zero. They have made a fanfare that they are given a mining license, zero. Rather they gave us so many coke plants, it has become poison for the people and with that coke plant people today are having an orange festival without oranges. Today people are having a pine festival without pines…” Pala told reporters.


“The decision they have taken only for the sake of money and greed, they have spoiled the entire West Khasi Hills, entire Jaintia Hills and entire border. I think it is a total failure. Nobody will be happy. Not only for the last 10 months but before  also” he said.

Pala admitted that the ego of the party leaders had given the NPP a second chance to form the government in Meghalaya.

“But somehow because of the gap between the leaders, because of the ego of the leaders from the Congress, they got a second chance” Pala said.

He said the people of Meghalaya will rethink in view of the failures of the NPP-led MDA government.

“But people will definitely realise and definitely will rethink right from the coming elections of the Lok Sabha,” Pala added.

Appeal to HNLC

Pala also criticised the Centre and the State governments for their lack of seriousness to carry  forward the peace talks with the proscribed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC).

Pala said, “It is unfortunate to see when the HNLC is ready to come to the table but there is no seriousness on the part of the BJP government at the Centre as well as the State. If you see all these issues,  the government’s big promises in the manifesto but when it comes to reality they always don’t care for the people of North East”, he said.

Pala also appealed to the HNLC not to pull out of the peace talks.

“I urge the HNLC to have patience. I appeal to the HNLC that whatever decision they are taking is a big decision, it matters to the economy of the state, it matters to the life of the people, and it matters to so many things within the state. I appeal to the HNLC not to just stop the negotiation. Continue the negotiation and try to see and convince if required, they can also put or demand new negotiators. I think it is also important for them to take it seriously, I request them not to run away from the negotiation and I request them to come forward and be more proactive. I don’t know what is the reason, why all these failures and whom to blame but I feel that we need peace in Meghalaya, we need peace in the Bri U Hynniewtrep and the State and the country as a whole,” he said.

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