Ready to be a martyr to save Shiv Sena: Eknath Shinde

Mumbai, July 4 (UNI): Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde on Monday said he was ready to be a martyr to save Shiv Sena. However, he was disturbed at the way he was treated during the Assembly polls in 2019 and “they (the Thackeray faction of Shiv Sena) must understand why such a big incident (the rebellion) took place”.

While giving his speech in the state assembly he said, “I have no greed for power. Even earlier, I had no greed for power. I have no greed for any post. We took this decision because there were questions about those MLAs’ existence. We have a natural alliance with BJP. We had an alliance with BJP in the election. I tried to explain to them to form an alliance with BJP. I told them 5 times to form an alliance with BJP. But we were not successful in that, we got defeated.”


“All MLAs are taking the legacy of Balasaheb & Anand Dighe. I don’t want to hide anything. All supported me, and support keeps increasing. I received many calls asking where are you going & all the others things. I said I don’t know. I am ready to be martyred for Shiv Sena. Everyone did not know where they are going, for much time they are going, or for what purpose they are going, despite this they supported me. I was inspired by the ideology of Balasaheb at the age of 17 years,” he added.

The chief minister also broke down while recollecting the death of his two son long back and said he has devoted his life for Shiv Sena.

Shinde also said in that this government will give justice to all and in the coming Cabinet meeting, his government will bring a proposal to reduce VAT on fuel.

Speaking on his journey as Shiv Sainik, Shinde stated, “I joined shakha of Shiv Sena by getting inspired from Balasaheb & Anand Dighe. I become shakha chief despite many people of more age than me. I never had a lust for power. I worked harder, I never looked back.”

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