Retransfer of Block I & II priority of govt: Prestone

Shillong, June 23: Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong, who is the chairman of regional commitee on Ri Bhoi border asserted that the government is committed to ensure  retransfer of Block I and Block II from Assam to Meghalaya.

Prestone chaired a meeting of the regional commitee on Friday.


“When you talk about Block-I and Block-II please understand that the question of differences does not arise, the question of dispute does not arise, it is purely the question of retransferring those Block-I and Block-II on the basis of the notification 1951, we placed before the government of Assam to kindly retransfer it to us in those areas where the population is maximum with our own people,” he said.

A joint meeting of the regional committees from Meghalaya and Assam will be held next month, to discuss the boundary dispute, he said.

Formal talks with HNLC 

Prestone said that the formal peace talks with the proscribed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) will be held very soon.

“Talks will happen very soon,” he said.

“It was supposed to complete maybe two-three rounds of talk but due to the problem in Manipur, Government of India could not take up this discussion but very soon discussion will take place,” he said.

Harijan Colony

On the relocation of the  Harijan Colony, Tynsong said that he is confident that a permanent solution will soon be achieved.

“Relating to this I will not say much as right  now it is in the high court so please don’t ask me much as far as this issue is concerned but from the government and from their side we are very positive and I am very sure one day we will be able to come out that yes permanent solution has reached,” he said.

Manipur refugees in city 

Prestone said the government has directed all the district administrations to keep proper record on the refugees coming from violence-hit Manipur to Meghalaya.

Prestone said, “We have instructed all the district administrations to be ready to update themselves on how many people reach our state in different places and how many days they have been here and when they are going back”, he said.

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