Royal Global School gets first AI teacher IRIS

Royal Global School in Guwahati has a new member in its faculty team who is creating quite a buzz among students. Iris is a humanoid and the first AI teacher unveiled at the institute.

Draped in the traditional mekhola chador, Iris answered all the questions from students with panache. When a student asked about haemoglobin, the humanoid listened attentively and then promptly replied with all the intricate details, captivating the entire class.


The Robot has been developed in collaboration with Makerlabs Edu-tech under the Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) project initiated by NITI Aayog. Iris marks a significant advancement in the integration of artificial intelligence in education.

On the first day, the students buzzed with excitement and curiosity as they eagerly engaged with Iris, their new AI teacher. Iris effortlessly answered questions from their syllabus and beyond, providing detailed explanations and examples that enriched their learning experience.

The children were delighted by Iris’s ability to perform gestures like handshakes, making the process both informative and fun. The classroom was filled with wonder and joy, as the blend of cutting-edge technology and interactive education set a vibrant tone for the days to come.

Iris has a voice-controlled assistant which helps it respond to student queries and provide detailed explanations based on questions asked by a student.

“The children are very excited and like this ‘teacher’ because she always has answers to their questions,” a teacher at Royal Global School said.

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