Rushdie ‘awake and articulate’

New York, Aug 16 (UNI): Author Salman Rushdie, who was attacked in New York last Friday, is awake and “expressing himself” in his conversations with investigators although The Satanic Verse writer remains in hospital after severe injuries, media reports said on Tuesday.

The 75-year-old Booker Prize winner is awake and “articulate” in his conversations with investigators as he remains hospitalized for severe injuries following the stabbing attack, CNN quoted a law enforcement official as saying.


He was conscious Monday and able to respond to questions from investigators, according to the law enforcement official. However, it was not known what he conveyed to the investigators.

A 24-year-old Man on August 12 attacked the author during a Chautauqua Institution event leaving his nerves severed after stabbing him on neck and other areas at least 10 times as per reports.

Rushdie had been living in hiding after his novel The Satanic Verses published in 1988 drew criticism from some parts of the Muslim world who considered it ‘blasphemous’.

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