Sanbor says original plan was life-size statue of U Tirot Sing not a bust

No proper invitation to former Arts & Culture Minister

Shillong, Feb 17:  Former Arts and Culture Minister Sanbor Shullai, who initiated the plan to install life-size statue of Khasi freedom fighter U Tirot Sing in Dhaka, deplored that only a bust was inaugurated.

Meghalaya delegation at Dhaka after installation of the bust of U Tirot Sing on Friday

Shullai told reporters on the sidelines of two projects initiated for Laban, on Saturday that there was no proper invitation.


“I got the invitation at the last minute after I came back from the Assembly yesterday”, Shullai said.

He, however, is glad that the tribute to the Khasi warrior is a proud moment for all the people of Meghalaya and Chief Minister had also acknowledged this on the floor of the House while making a statement on Friday.

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