Sawkmie flays TMC on ILP; favours scrapping of MoU once UDP leads govt

Shillong, Jan 25: UDP candidate from Mawlai PT Sawkmie has criticised the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) for changing its stand on Inner Line Permit (ILP).

He also said the MoU on border dispute signed by the NPP-led government will be revoked once the UDP comes to power.


After conducting the road show of the party, Sawkmie told reporters on Wednesday that it is very unfortunate that the elections have not even started but the TMC has already changed its colours.

“In the beginning when TMC came to Meghalaya, its chairperson said the moment TMC comes to power, we will demand for ILP. I would like to question the TMC why ILP was not included in their vision document’.

He also recalled that TMC leader Mukul Sangma during his tenure as chief minister had not accepted the proposal for implementation of the ILP in the state.

“So now again he brought in the vision document for implementation of the Meghalaya Residents Safety Security Act (MRSSA). That is also very important but we understand that ILP is more important than the MRSSA,” Sawkmie said.

The former Mawlai legislator said, “The chief minister of West Bengal had already spoken in the public gatherings that they will demand and bring ILP but now in their vision document, ILP has not been included. This shows that if they come to power ILP will not be a top priority for the AITC but we know for sure they will not come to power.”

Sawkmie said the delay of the Centre to grant ILP for Meghalaya is due to lack of sincerity on the part of the NPP government and the chief minister.

He said the NPP is not in favour of ILP.

“The chief minister in his speech during the recent visit of Prime Minister and Union Home Minister to Shillong never spoke anything on ILP. From that itself, we could understand that sincerity is not there.”

“That is why we don’t like double standard legislators because when you are a leader you should not feel shy to ask about the needs of our people especially for protection of the tribal people – Khasi, Jaintia and Garo,” he added.

‘Will not give an inch of land to Assam’ 

He said the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with the Assam government on six areas of difference will be scrapped if the United Democratic Party (UDP) is voted to power.

“I am very clear that the day the new government is formed, let us hope UDP will lead the government, if UDP leads the government, the MoU will be scrapped,”  Sawkmie said.

While referring to the orders passed by the Meghalaya High Court and Supreme Court following a petition filed by stakeholders, he  said, “We don’t want to take the land belonging to Assam and we don’t want to lose an inch of our land as it affects the sentiments.”

Sawkmie pointed out that there is lack of maturity on the part of the NPP-led government in handling the border issue.

“The NPP always makes decisions in a hurry as if the world will end today. That is why whatever they are doing, there is always a mistake,” he added.

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