Shillong helped Manipur students to excel in civil service exams

Meghalaya did not have any toppers

Shillong, May 20: Shillong helped some Manipur students to excel in civil service examinations whereas Meghalaya did not have any toppers this year.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, Meghalaya DGP Idashisha Nongrang answered a question on how to perform well in civil service examinations and pointed out that 10 students from Manipur excelled despite the adverse law and order situation in that state.


“Shillong has good educational institutions and in fact out of 10 people from Manipur, who were successful in cracking the civil service examination, three of them studied in Shillong”, she said.

The DGP said the examinations have become much more competitive over the years. Nongrang said, “Our youth need to realise that if they want something, they really have to struggle for it. Whether IPS or IAS officers from the state…the examination pattern has not changed very much but the number of people contesting, the competition for it has increased. So commensurate with that, the amount of effort that is required will have to be much more than what has gone before.”

“I have a couple of nephews who went out for coaching classes, one went to Delhi and one in Guwahati – three months into the coaching they came back, why it is too difficult. We give up too easily…,” she said.

She pointed out that the youth from the state have not been challenged to  compete and crack the civil service examination.

“It is not that we don’t have the capacity, it is just that we haven’t been challenged enough to do that. I refuse to believe that the youth of Meghalaya are in any way less intelligent or less capable. It is just that whether we are really focused on the civil service examination I would say is one of the toughest. It has been rated as one of the toughest in the world and to be successful  you have to be very determined, very focused and it is not something you can do overnight,” Nongrang added.

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