Sohpetbneng & the Khasi ‘rule of life’

Sweetymon Rynjah

Sohpetbneng has become an annual feature and attracts hundreds of devotees. However, Khasis should bear in mind that our race has a unique way of preserving and conserving the tribe’s origin, tradition and culture, in the permanent objects of Nature and the Creations, through our tell-tales, which speak about the wisdom and far-sightedness of our ancestors.


However, we in the present generation would have to enrich our mind, thought, words and deeds by the grains of seeds embedded in pure Khasi thought, in respect of forging the custom, establishing ‘A Rule of Life’ for U Paid Khasi Baїar in all aspects of life.

We should think and respect our tradition and culture and be proud of the intrinsic values and sterling qualities embedded in the Khasi thought having the seeds which rank pari passu with the modern thought in seeking good Governance on the Principle of peace, harmony and mutual co-existence in the homeland as well as motherland.

The practice teaching method, through the family thresh-holds, the womb-clan association and the assembly (Dorbar Kur) play a vital role for all khasi Clanship, wherein no member would be ignored or left stranded whatever be his/her fate and destiny. That’s the law of piety to all Khasis. Cognation and agnation are the two scales for a Khasi and are uniformly practised and observed to date.

Hence, the programme episode of U Sohpetbneng has come to enliven a Khasi to think deeply about the rich heritage and the principles of Khasi tradition and culture to seek and find out where we have gone wrong or led astray.

(The author is an educationist and columnist)

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