Sounder & supporters join TMC in Mawkyrwat

Shillong, Sept 24: Former leader of Federation of Khasi Jaintia and Garo People (FKJGP) Sounder S Cajee, joined Meghalaya TMC along with over 8000 supporters in the presence of Meghalaya TMC state president Charles Pyngrope,  Legislature Party Leader  Mukul Sangma, and other leaders in a block committee formation event held in Mawkyrwat, South West Khasi Hills, on Saturday.


While  joining the party, Cajee said, “Trinamool Congress is the largest opposition party in the state and added that TMC will secure victory
for the sake of the people of Meghalaya; so that they can raise their voices. We do
not want NPP, KHNAM, or UDP. We do not want BJP to lead Meghalaya. We want
TMC, the second largest party in Meghalaya, which has worked for the masses and
the downtrodden people”.
Criticising the indifference of the NPP-led MDA government to agriculture in a state
where 81% of people are dependent on farming, Cajee said, “The farmers are
the backbone of humanity. I want to talk about the farmers who were strangled for the
business of squash. These farmers are the backbone of squash cultivation yet they are
being deceived by the businessmen.”
Clearing Meghalaya TMC’s stance to work for the minorities, Charles said, “TMC is a party who looks after the minority and the
single mothers who face difficulties.”
Mukul criticised MDA government’s multiple failures in the employment sector and said “People confront us as to why schools are closed. Why have teachers not been
appointed in lower primary schools? Why are children being deprived of their
right to education?” He highlighted the plight of ASHA and Anganwadi employees,
“The doors have been shut for opportunities. ASHA and Anganwadi workers have the
same questions. The people with disabilities are questioning as to why the welfare
and assistance schemes are no longer extended to the vulnerable groups”, he said.

Regarding the recent developments on border dispute, Mukul said “The government wants to solve the dispute by giving our land to Assam which is inherited by us.”

Condemning the MDA government’s undemocratic approach in terms of governance, Mukul said, “The government is formed to serve the people yet the people have to fight against their own government to survive.

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