Speaker for Jaintia dialect to be spoken in Assembly with AI help

Shillong,Feb 1:The non-inclusion of Jaintia dialect in the state anthem had irked many members of the tribe but the Speaker Thomas Sangma is in favour of the use of the dialect in the Assembly with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, the Speaker said the legislators can speak their own mother tongue inside the House and they will be translated into English with the help of AI.


“This Assembly will allow members to speak in their own respective languages or mother tongue, which will be translated into English. We are trying to put things together, so probably in the next session, we will be able to do it in full swing’, he said.

According to the Speaker, “We have three basic languages – Khasi, Jaintia and Garo –which the legislators can speak. There is no restriction for anybody to speak in their own mother tongue, basically from these three tribes.”

The Speaker said the Assembly has already invited AI experts to witness the proceedings of the upcoming budget session, to be held from February 16 ao that they can assist or guide on how to  go about introducing AI in the next Assembly session

Assembly to go paperless 

The Assembly is already in the process of going paperless.

“I think the Assembly transactions are more than 60-70% paperless. Most of the members have agreed to accept the notices, everything on their emails or whatsapp or other mediums so we don’t need to send them notices on paper, he added.

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