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The voice of the souls long lost

A long time ago, the mountains and the wings would fly and land everywhere, creating trouble for people. They have had a happy and jolly life and love that never seemed to be broken. They had even planned a family of their own. However, the God of the firmament cut off the wings of the mountains and then the wings turned to cloud. The clouds due to the eternal love for the mountains still hang around them even to this day.

This is how, when life is precious, worth, it goes with a smile and with the worries as well. Living on earth, one may experience love, joy, hatred, sufferings, anxieties and hard work, and at the same time the beloved ones and the beautiful creatures of Mother Nature. However, when the creator takes our soul, then we are on a journey to the land of peace.


The voice of the souls that are gone, that are in a dream, bring back memories and remind us that life is too short and that at the end we have to prepare for the immortal soul. When the wings that are cut off turned to clouds and because of the eternal love for the mountains wake the mountains to live a life that’s worth, to face and let it go, to accept life the way it is, to cherish all good moments shared together, and to cry not because it’s over but because of the beautiful moments together.

When lying in the grave peacefully, with flowers, candles, and crosses around, friends, relatives, neighbours, families and colleagues and all its dear ones visit the grave with heavy hearts for all the good companionships they have had with the souls that are immortal. The beauty of Death teaches us to repent before it’s too late. When God of the firmament cut off the wings of the mountains, the same is with man when he loses his parents, children, wife, husband, and dear ones. This aches the heart, hearts that are emotional, sensitive, and hard to believe. These souls may not be recognised by the world that’s just passing by, nevertheless, they are God’s children, and that it is he who will take charge of them. They carry nothing with them. What surprises most is that when souls are alive, it is hardly for the community to seek essentially the information for the pride that these souls are. However, after death, most would run to seek information for the pride earned by these souls. This saddens the community as a whole, for we cannot cherish or admire them but only cherish their good deeds.

Therefore, man’s power cannot hold or break souls. When the voice of the souls speaks when life is but a dream some say that they need our prayers but also it is indeed that they take us back to a life that can reform good to better and for later to be no regrets. How sad are the lives of the mountains and the wings that they can never come together. The Voice of the souls that are gone could also be reminded to man for instance, through songs, through literary writings, good leaderships, humility, courage, and others. Freeing of this world’s sufferings, grievances, and anxieties is rather not a question but whether the soul reaches its destination for a rebirth is the question. Hence, it is necessary to live properly for we may not know when our soul be called.

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