Trouble in UDP over Nongkrem seat

Constituency circle proposes Lambor, Bindo opposes

Shillong,Feb 11: Trouble is brewing in UDP over the preference of independent legislator Lambor Malngiang to party leader Bindo Lanong, to contest the Nongkrem seat.

Lanong said he has been nurturing Nongkrem for the last six months and it was a surprise to hear about the development.


He also wanted to knrow the credentials of those have proposed the name of Malngiang as he was not associated with the UDP unlike late SK Sunn and MLA Samuel Sangma.

Lanong has decided to write to the party leadership expressing displeasure.

The sitting legislator from Nongkrem, Malngiang has already decided to contest from the UDP in 2023.

The decision was announced after a meeting of the UDP Nongkrem circle held in the presence of the state general secretary Jemino Mawthoh.

During the meeting, Pretty Kharpyngrope was appointed as the president of the UDP Nongkrem circle and Johny Star Mawrie as general secretary.

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