Tussle for power intensifies before Feb 27 polls


The election processes are nearly half done with the screening of the nomination papers. Now, there will be last-minute tussling and scrambling among the 375 candidates to garner as many votes as possible from among the 21.62 lakh voters from 60 constituencies of the state.


In Jaintia Hills, the indications are that from Nartiang the tussle is mainly among Generous Paslein (Independent), Emlang Laloo (Congress) and Sniawbhalang Dhar (NPP); in Mookaiaw between Nujorki Sungoh (UDP), Robinus Syngkon (NPP) and Lasting Suchiang (Trinamool Congress); in Raliang-Nongbah the close fight is between Lakhon Biam (BJP) and Comingone Ymbon (NPP); in Sutnga-Saipung the most keenly contested candidates are Sancta Mary Shylla (NPP) and Vincent H Pala (Congress); in Khliehriat the most interesting challenge is between Kyrmen Shylla (UDP) and Nehlang Lyngdoh (NPP); in Jowai the fight is between A. Andrew Shullai (Trinamool Congress) and Wyllad Shylla (NPP); and in Amlarem the most keenly watched contest is between the sitting MLA Lahkmen Rymbui (UDP) and Stephenson Mukhim (NPP).

Turning to Garo Hills as a whole the real contest for supremacy is between the NPP and the Trinamool Congress though only in a few constituencies, the Congress is also a strong contender. In Williamnagar, the keen contest is among Deborah Marak of the Congress, Marcuise Marak of NPP and Alphonsus R Marak of the Trinamool Congress.

In Songsak, the significant candidates are Mukul Sangma of the Trinamool Congress and Champion Sangma of the Congress. NPP’s Nihim D Shira is a close contestant. In Rongjeng, the keen contest is between Jim M Sangma of NPP and Sengnam Marak of the Trinamool Congress.

In Kharkutta, the fierce fight is between Cherak A Momin of the Trinamool Congress and Rupert Momin of NPP, followed closely by Chereng Marak of the Congress. In Mendipathar, Subroto Marak of UDP, Ferdinand D Shira of the Trinamool Congress and Marathon Sangma of NPP are too close to call.

In Resubelpara, Timothy Shira of NPP, Dr TK Marak of the Congress and Rinaldo Sangma of the Trinamool Congress are head to head. However, Shira has an edge.

In Bajengdoba, Pongseng R Marak of NPP seems to be head to head with Tengrang R. Marak of the Trinamool Congress and Brigady Marak of the Congress. In Rongara-Siju, Rakkam Sangma of NPP seems to be slightly ahead of Rajesh M Marak of the Trinamool Congress and Rophul Marak of the Congress but there is a time factor and anything may turn the tide.

In Baghmara, Samuel Sangma of the BJP may create a record for his party in the constituency. However, Alphonse Sangma of the Congress and Satto Marak of NPP will fight hard to block the record of winning this segment.

Philip Marwein,

Senior journalist

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