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Union minister avoids questions on Manipur

Shillong, July 8: Union junior minister George Kurian, who was deputed by the Centre to Meghalaya to project the positive image of the NDA-led government refused to speak on Manipur issue to the dissatisfaction of the state BJP functionaries and the press as the minister went on ridiculing the journalists who were asking questions on Manipur, on Monday.

It was his maiden visit to Meghalaya after he was inducted in the union cabinet with the portfolios of minority affairs, fisheries and animal husbandry and veterinary.

Kurian did not want to answer the questions as to when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Manipur as the Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi visited the state on Monday.
“See in the parliament, Prime Minister has answered the question about this issue, I don’t want to say anything more than that,” Kurian said at the BJP state party office in the city.
When asked repeatedly, Kurian said, “I told the answer. I told that PM explained it in the parliament and I don’t want to say anything more than that. You go on asking , go on asking , you are free to ask”, he went on avoiding the question saying that he has to leave within five minutes to catch a flight.
To another query whether he is planning to visit Manipur, the minister ridiculed the questioner as if it was a direction or command from the journalist.
The state BJP leaders who were with the minister were not happy about the manner in which the minister addressed the press but they did not want to express it publicly.
On the performance of the BJP in the North East, Kurian hoped that there wil be a time when the BJP’s popularity in Meghalaya would also improve like in the other states of the country.
“Till 2017 in Tripura, this was the condition. We were getting less percentage of votes and then we were not a major party but after the elections, we formed the government with a clear majority. That is the condition BJP is growing everywhere in India. Similarly, in 1999 we improved it at 96 seats and PM was Atal Bihari Vajpayee for 30 days and in 1998 he became the Prime Minister, then again he was selected in 2004,” he said.
“About Goa, you people used to ask ever can you become ruling party of Goa because in India Goa is a prominent Christian state but in 2000, we formed the government and more than 50 percent of people and families in BJP are from Christian community,” he added.
On the plan for Meghalaya, the minister asked the BJP leaders to circulate a press note which is below .

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