West Garo Hills DC was not fully quoted on Tura violence conspiracy, claims CM

Shillong, Aug 2: Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has claimed that the West Garo Hills  Deputy Commissioner Jagdish Chelani was not fully quoted by a section of the media regarding the conspiracy issue on Tura violence.
In the report appeared in a local daily on Tuesday, the DC was quoted as saying that there was no concrete evidence to show that the attack on CMO was pre-planned contradicting the stand of the DGP LR Bishnoi that it was pre-planned.
Commenting on the statement of the DC that there was no conspiracy to murder the CM, Conrad said, “As far as I know the DC has given a clarification later on and in that clarification he has mentioned that he was not fully quoted in terms of what he actually meant…I think it would be good if you speak to him”.
Sources said that it was under pressure from the higher authorities in Shillong that the deputy commissioner changed the statement.
While the clarification of the DC appeared on the website of the daily, another digital media outlet completely removed the content.
Only magisterial probe 
Though the incident is serious, the state  government is going ahead with only a  magisterial inquiry despite the demand for an independent probe.
“So first we will wait for that magisterial inquiry to be done. If necessary then the decision can be made for setting up of an independent probe. But as of now the magisterial inquiry is going on,” he said.
Police said 47 were arrested for their alleged involvement in the mob attack incident which injured over 18 police personnel when the chief minister was having a meeting with the representatives of NGOs including ACHIK, who were demanding restrospetive implementation of roster and winter capital in Tura.
Actions based on evidence 
He said whatever actions are taken are based on evidence.
“Having said that from day one I have been maintaining that whatever actions and whatever conclusions have to be concluded, they will all based on the facts that are found and it will be totally on the basis of evidence,”he added
To a question, Conrad said, “Whatever happened..was unprecedented in one sense and therefore, the police is going into different aspects and ensuring that law and order has to be maintained.”
“At the end of the day if law and order is not there, then again police will be blamed that why police is not acting, why police not taking any decisions and actions, so it all comes down to blaming the police force – for doing also and for not doing also. So it is not very simple job and they too take certain decisions and therefore, the more independence that is being given to them the least interference and ensuring that law and order is kept as top priority  I think they have to decide on the basis of that and therefore I have no comments  on what police are acting on as I said for them it is important to maintain law and order,” he said.
Political parties can’t be blamed: Hek  

Cabinet minister AL Hek said political parties cannot be blamed for the mob attack at the chief minister’s office at Tura on July 24.

“The police cannot just blame any political party or organisation keeping in mind that anti-social elements are everywhere,” Hek told reporters.


His response was on the list of arrested persons prepared by the police which disclosed their political affiliation. According to the list, the majority of the arrested were either from the TMC or the BJP.

“You can blame AL Hek but not BJP just because I am from BJP. If AL Hek did something wrong you must blame AL Hek. Why blame BJP? I don’t agree with this” the BJP leader said.

“The attack is not politically motivated. Party has not sent them to do it. Did the TMC’s Mamata Banerjee send them to do these kinds of things, did JP Nadda from BJP send them to do all these kinds of things. Did Conrad of the NPP send them because he is president to do all this. Who will send? Why are you blaming the party, tell me,” he said.

The BJP leader welcomed the demand for an independent probe into the incident.

Hek also added that the home department should look into such kind of law and order situation in the state stating that very recently a cabinet minister’s house was also attacked in Shillong.

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