Yana Ngoba designs costumes for Arogya album

Shillong, Nov 20: Fashionpreneur and international fashion designer Yana Ngoba Chakpu has collaborated with dark synth rock band Arogya who released its new album, Supernatural, after the success of Genesis.

Arogya has a distinct identity with an emphasis on visual appeal and theatrical vibe through their visual kei concept, dynamic stage presence, and high-energy performances with an unbreakable will. The band has recently revamped its image and branding with a new band logo and has been working with Chakpu who designed all their unique costumes, exclusively for Arogya.


Elaborating on the designs, Chakpu said: “It is all about Northeast India’s ethnic fashion blended with style; which signifies the unique cultural diversity of Northeast India. Jute fabric, yarn and accessories from different part of Northeast India’s remote villages were collected to use and collaborate together without losing its originality, which gives a unique diversified look.”

The costumes specially designed for Arogya’s music video have motifs and ancient hieroglyphs painted on them, representing each warrior. For example, the costume of Pawan Damai, the band’s new guitarist, has the symbol for ‘wind’ and vocalist Rain has the symbol of his namesake painted on it.

Costume designs by Chakpu are mainly made from jute material which is found in huge quantities in Assam after West Bengal and Bihar. “Being 100% bio-degradable, an eco-friendly, jute fabric is highly breathable which also makes it an ideal apparel material for hot and humid climates as it doesn’t naturally retain much heat,” Chakpu added.

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