AHAM demands winter capital in Tura

Shillong, March 4: The A·chik Holistic Awakening Movement (AHAM) has petitioned the Chief Minister Conrad Sangma for setting up of winter capital in Tura.

In a letter addressed to the chief minister, the AHAM president Georgeprince Momin said there is a need for judicious introduction of decentralization and devolution of power as a part of good governance which can be achieved by instituting a winter capital in Tura for six months from October to March and summer capital in Shillong from April to September. “It is a dire need for the development and the growth of the state, especially, for Garo Hills region. The delay in this matter would only further the delay the success and achievement of the good governance which the NDA government of which the present MDA government is a part, has advocated and envisaged for years”, Momin said.


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