HYC asks govt to consult stakeholders on Gambling Act

Shillong, Sept 13: The HYC has demanded  that the state government should consult all the stake-holders before implementing the Gambling  Act in totality and should withdraw the temporary licences issued to anyone to run casinos.

In a statement on Tuesday, Rhembor G Saibon, HYC vice president called upon the state government, all the MLAs and the officers of the state government to do some introspection and soul-searching and take a conscious call as to whether as a state we are moving in the right direction by implementing this questionable and/or debatable act.


“What kind of a future are we leaving for our future generations? Will this decision be a boon or a bane to the present and future generations? Are we only jumping in excitement at the fact that we are earning revenues as a state?”the HYC asked.

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