Activist awaits action against illegal brickkilns

Shillong, Jan 24: Advocate Nazmul Hashan, President, Garo Hills Youth Organisation (GHYO), has sought action against polluting brickkilns in Meghalaya.

He filed several complaints to the Central and state authorities besides both the SP and the DC of West Garo Hills for their  intervention.


It was reported that more than 100 illegal brick kilns have been established in the plains of West Garo Hills District from Hallidayganj to Chibinang under the police stations of Phulbari, Rajabala, Hallidayganj, causing  serious health issues of public including children, women and elderly citizens due to air pollution of the illegal brick kilns, he pointed out.

“Hence there is a violation of right to healthy life and the administration/departments have failed to stop the illegal brick kilns. The villagers of the region  have been suffering from illegal brick kilns for the last few years which is due to the burning of green bricks (kutcha bricks) to make bricks and the poisonous/ toxic smoke blowing from the illegal kilns resulting in massive air pollution which is threat to life”, he said.

He pointed out that after a survey, it has come to light that the number of illegal brick kilns might cross 500 in the region which are being run in the broad day light and hence the police and administration and other concerned departments have failed to regulate/ maintain law and order.
“The sources also point out that, none of illegal brick kilns, have any permission or authority to run it and it is pertinent to mention that some illegal brick kilns were established in the archaeological area/ heritage sites/ nonuments of Rajpur (Old Bhaitbari) and as such they are even destroying the land of the historical site, that is a part of ancient culture and which is not tolerable at all” the activist said.

He is yet to receive any response from the district administration/authorities on closing down the illegal brick kilns as they are also employing children.

He sought to take legal action from the concerned department and competent court in future.

“However, a positive response has been initiated on 16.01.2024, issued by the Additional Director and Divisional Head, IPC-V regarding my complaint to the Central Pollution Control Board filed on 12.01.2024. wherein it has been directed to the Member Secretary, Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board to investigate the matter and provide the action taken report to me with an intimation to the Office of the said Central Pollution Control Board at the earliest”, Hashan said.

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