JNC accuses govt of sidelining Jaintia, demands inclusion of language in anthem

Shillong, Jan 25: The Jaiñtia National Council (JNC) on Wednesday said the NPP-led MDA government has sidelined the Jaintia tribe that has a rich history and heritage.

In a media statement, JNC president Sambormi Lyngdoh said the demand for inclusion of Jaintia in the state anthem was based on the fact that Meghalaya has three major tribes — Khasi, Jaintia and Garo.


“If the so-called official Language (English) can be put in the anthem, then why not the existing one (Jaiñtia)? Jaiñtia Hills produced great leaders and freedom fighters such as U Woh Kiang Nangbah, but is this how the government sidelines the Jaiñtia Hills,” said Lyngdoh, adding that the exclusion of Jaintia in the anthem was unacceptable.

The council urged the seven MLAs and 30 MDCs from Jaintia Hills to intervene in the matter and rectify the mistake.

“The Meghalaya anthem will be incomplete without Jaiñtia as the state is bound by three major tribes,” Lyngdoh said.

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