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Naga student ragged in Tura NEHU campus hostel

Action sought against perpetrators

Shillong, Oct 12: A Naga student was ragged  in NEHU Tura Campus hostel.

The student lodged a complaint with the university authorities.


In the complaint, the victim narrated harassment, mental agony and humiliation as he sought action against the perpetrators of the crime.

The full next of the complaint below 


The Proctor.,

Dr. Gino Sangma,

NEHU, Tura Campus,

Meghalaya, 794002.

Subject: Complaint Against Ragging

Respected Sir,

With due respect, my name is ( withheld on request), enrolled in the Department of Agri Business Management. In explanation to the aforementioned subject above, I would like to bring to your notice the details of ragging against me in Arbella Boys Hostel, Chasingre, on 8th of October at around 1:30 to 2:00 AM.

It was my first day and night in the hostel, for which reason I have no acquaintance with the hostellers and no familiarity with the hostel. Around the earlier mentioned time, some guys came knocking my door, to which I opened with courtesy and with no inkling of what was to happen. There was no power light at that time, and as I opened the door, the guys had their phone flashlights pointed on me for which reason I could not identify their faces nor identify the exact number of the guys that came to me (roughly around 5/6). They quickly asked me ifI was a junior as soon as I opened the door. I politely said, yes, I am a new comer. They then told me to come out of the room, to which I expected they will call my roommate as well since he is of my same batch. But I was called out alone, after which they took me to the stairs at the right, passed through the dining hall, went down the stairs again, and entered an empty room. Once we entered the room, one of the guys locked the room and told me to introduce myself formally. So, I did my introduction twice in English. They all blabbered in Hindi, and tLold me to do my introduction again in Hindi. Already so engrossed in fear, I tried to make my introduction again in Hindi but they did not like the introduction since I was not fluent with the language. They asked me I was from Nagaland, to which I replied ‘yes, I am from Nagaland’.

One of the guys mockingly asked about what talents I have, to entertain them. I said I have no talents. Then immediately another guy, told me to do ‘naked dance’ since I am from Nagaland,saying I wll be knowing how to do a ‘naked dance’. With my whole body shivering and my voice shaking with fear, I begged them not to make me do such things. But they answered back saying I will have to pack my bags and leave instantly if I don’t get along with what they said.

So, I removed my shirt, but one of the guys told me to remove my shorts as well. I replied back saying I will not remove my shorts, so they got furious and shouted at me. I was frightened and terrified all the more. I removed my shorts in total fear. As I removed my shorts, one of the guys came and pulled down my inner wear as well and told me to dance. They started to wave their flashlights on me as I stood there naked. I was so traumatised and utterly terrified as I broke down in tears. They warned and threatened me that they will expose me if I report the incident to anyone(to my judgement, they might have taken videos of me while the flashlights were pointed on nme). They told me to leave after threatening me. So, I dressed up and went out. As I was leaving, they threatened me again not to close my room door, so I did not close the door. As I laid down on my bed crying, I heard them talking on the corridor, so I thought they might call my roommate as well. But to my surprise, they did not call my roommate. I realised I was their only target. I did not sleep a wink and waited for dawn. My roommate was fast asleep even by 8:00 AM, but I woke him up to go and get breakfast. As we went down the mess hall, I asked him if he heard anything at night, but he told me that he did not hear anything as he was asleep. He asked me what the matter was after seeing my teary eyes. Since I could not trust him as well, I lied to him saying that my father met with an accident and was hospitalised. I told him that I had to leave because of that. I was afraid the guys might come to me again if I narrated whatever happened with me.

I sincerely request your kind authority to take necessary action against the culprits so that no such terror and menial acts is continued in the future as well. And to give a sense of justice to me as well.

Yours faithfully,

Name withheld on request (1st sem)

Dept. of Agri. Business Management

NEHU, Tura Campus,

Meghalaya, 794002.

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