All 8 villages in Tarabari in WKH to come to Meghalaya

CM makes statement on border agreement

Shillong, March 7:  Chief Minister Conrad Sangma informed the Assembly on Monday that as far as border agreement with Assam is concerned,  in West Khasi Hills, all the 8 villages in Tarabari will come to Meghalaya  while 2 out of the 3 villages in Gizang and 11 out of 12 villages in Hahim will be part of Meghalaya.

The state government took up six areas of difference out of the 12 in the first phase. 


In Ri Bhoi, one out of two villages in Boklapara and 5 out of 6 villages in Khanapara-Pilangkata while 3 out of 5 villages in Ratacherra, East Jaintia Hills will remain with the state, the chief minister said while making a suo motu statement.

He said out of 36 villages claimed by Meghalaya in 2011, a total of 30 – some fully and a few partially – is being recommended to be in Meghalaya.

The six areas of difference under the first phase include Tarabari (4.69 sq km), Gizang (13.53 sq km), Hahim (3.51 sq km), Boklapara (1.57 sq km), Khanapara-Pilangkata (2.29 sq km) and Ratacherra (11.20 sq km).

“A rough area of 36.79 sq km in these six areas are under differences and after detailed discussion, surveys and visits made by the regional committees, approximately 18 sq kms plus minus will come to Meghalaya and 18 sq km plus minus will go to Assam,” he said.

He said the ownership of the land will not be affected irrespective of the administrative control of the areas by the respective states.

The chief minister said no new areas of dispute will be taken up.

The chief minister said  the decision on the six areas of difference have been arrived at through a table-talk exercise using special technologies and that it will be more accurately determined during the survey to be undertaken by the Survey of India in the presence of representatives from both the states.

Conrad said the Union Home Minister Amit Shah has called both the chief ministers of Assam and Meghalaya to New Delhi on March 9, to finally discuss the MoU signed between the two states.

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