All Faiths Forum concerned over violence in Ichamati, Mawlai Mawroh

Shillong, Apr 12: Shillong All Faiths Forum (SAFF) has expressed concern over the recent killings at Ichamati and Mawlai Mawroh.

In a statement issued on Friday,  SAFF reiterated and appealed to all the citizens to maintain peace, harmony and amity among all the sections of people residing in the state and refrain from any form of hatred and violence.


“As we are heading for the forthcoming polls, let us be calm and judicious.We urge the government and state machineries to protect the citizens and prevent such violence in the state. Let us join hands in prayers so that we can live in peace and harmony,” it said.

“Peace is a sign that God is with us. If we have God in ourselves and in our midst is peace. Peace is what God wants to give to humans and to humanity. We do have differences, but a difference in harmony. As faith leaders, all the members of the Shillong All Faiths Forum(SAFF) stand for peace, harmony and justice,” the Forum said.

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